Manifesto · The musealisation of public spaces.

The museum – temple of the Muses, archive for our culture and society – as a closed collection of dead objects is not the right place for the vital phenomens of life in our time. strives for a construction of an open, accessible and lively Museum, away from the cultural monuments. The public space is the only true place to find and exhibit interesting vital signs of our culture. With every step we encounter hidden whimsical things of every day life. But only those who search, will find the poetic secrets hidden in the streets. make an effort to explore public space and to make these fascinating traces and fragments of conscious and unconscious design visible for everyone.

These finds are not being torn out of their context and stored in sterile museum rooms, but are declared as exhibits on site. The declared objects do not stay hidden any longer but invite the curious passerby to have a closer look. Since the authors of the original artwork are usually unknown or random, the exhibits do not have a title. Therefore the viewer can construe the works for himself and mentally take an active part in the artistic process.

The current collection shows artwork in Ulm, Neu-Ulm, the Weimarer Land and in Pößneck and Steinach. The exhibition space consciously avoids culture capitals as well as touristic highlights, as there are many cultural treasures of society waiting in the surroundings of the towns. The uniformity and dreariness of the outskirts is a fallacy, here too you can find debris of lucky accidents and conscious design: magical objects, relics of our civilization that have often lost their original function and that - their meaning not clearly visible - allow the viewer interpret them freely.

Welcome to the collection of contemporary culture.